I spent a good six hours building this Apple //c Information Kiosk. It’s hilarious! You can type in any band name (that existed 1984 or earlier OF COURSE) and it shows you a picture and their bio. Or in automatic mode just scrolls through a set of pop artists around that time (via this amazing Echo Nest API call.

You can run it yourself if you have the right hardware, here’s my HOWTO.

Hadn’t opened a DAW in a while, this is what greeted me – the Sculpture synth from Logic 9. It’s fascinating that in the last ten years synthesizers evolved into toddlers’ busy boxes, or maybe Radio Shack 500-in-1 electronics kits. Wondering who or what is driving the features and design: I don’t see anything here either in UI or DSP that couldn’t have been done with 1999 technology – the growth has nothing to do with ability; so it’s some other external customer request, or the more bitter explanation of marketing flotsam.

Hopefully I can pull together a retrospective of VST plugin UIs and features over the years.

One thing i forgot to mention in my overview of the eminently hackable DSP friendly GP2X Wiz is that it also can be a portable Atari ST. I will have to buy another one to use for “work” I guess. If you showed this picture to my 11 year old self… well, I guess I would have said “that’s a huge pen!” Pictured is Time Bandit, definitely the best Atari ST game (though there were many.) I cut my teeth on this machine, so forgive the brief nostalgia. Now, I wonder if the MIDI ports get routed over USB on this thing….