Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10


  • Keyboard. Easy to type on. No real problems.Β 
  • Weight/size. Is about exactly half the weight of a white macbook (when you include power adapters for both.) I didn’t think this would matter but it really does, especially when walking around a lot with it on you.Β 
  • Battery. Hasn’t run out during a day yet.
  • Does everything I do, python, web, logging into EC2 machines….
  • Price. It was a gift, but still! At the very least I get a year of mobile use for $400 before Apple decides to put a keyboard on an iPod or whatever.


  • Trackpad. Is too sensitive, ubuntu doesn’t like it much. Clickers are on a rocker and the middle of it is not pushable. My thumb always wants to hit the middle of it. Have a bluetooth mouse to mitigate this.
  • Comes with windows, Ubuntu was dead simple to install but is still lacking polishes I now find necessary. Not sure I want to involve OSX yet.Β 

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